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"The Kafka Project tour provided an intimate, intellectual voyage through Kafka territory, where enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides brought Franz Kafka and his Dora to life. Walking through neighborhoods where they grew up, and later lived together in Berlin, moved us deeply. Prague and Krakow, gems of architecture, seized our imaginations as time seemed to stop in the Old Town Squares. We enjoyed delightful accommodations in historic buildings, memorable meals, and the comradery of experienced wanderers sharing adventures.""

Arthur Raybold and Suzanne Cadwallader

“Anyone can go on a tour of Eastern Europe, but no one can experience it like we did unless they join Kathi Diamant on her next tour!”

“I loved the history, the camaraderie of the other travelers and there was something for everyone. Knowing more about the history of these cities has made me a better citizen of my own country. Well done, Kathi.”

Deborah Tabart, Brisbane, Australia

“The Klezmer performance in Krakow and jazz concert in Berlin were high points. I really liked learning about Kafka on the tour in Prague. The trip to Auschwitz was very significant and memorable.”

Carol Knox, Tallahassee, FL

“It was more than just a Kafka tour, but a tour of Eastern Europe through the eyes of Kafka, with its culture, history, architecture, people, and food. Kathi's expertise, knowledge, experience, connections, and personality made the tour not only educational, but fun, unique, and an experience I will never forget.”

Susan McBeth, San Diego, CA

Franz Kafka hardly conjures a light, romantic image. But a summer tour of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic highlights the love affair between the author and the little-known Dora Diamant. The story unfolds in the streets of Prague, Czech Republic, where the German author was born, moves to the Jewish Quarter of Krakow, Poland and ends in Berlin, where the couple lived the Bohemian life in the early 1920s. Kathi Diamant (no relation), who wrote the book "Kafka's Last Love" and heads the Kafka Project at San Diego State University, leads the Magical Mystery Literary History Tour . Proceeds from the trip support the nonprofit Kafka Project, which seeks to recover lost letters, journals and notebooks by the author.

Los Angeles Times, December 5, 2011

“My wife and I went on the 2008 Mystery tour and were very impressed with Kathi and her associates. We can endorse them without reservation and would recommend anyone who has a chance to go on the 2012 tour to do so.”

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Capozzi
Rancho Santa Fe, California

"The Magical Mystery Literary History Tour in 2008 was indeed incredible. It brought renewed life and awareness to the Kafka Project. The leaders were superb and extremely knowledgeable making the trip so memorable."

Helene W. Feldman, Ph.D.
Beverly Hills, CA

“I got so much more from this trip than the brochure promised. I have made other trips which were organized around literary figures, but to have the author of "Kafka's Last Love" with us, reading passages from her book, explaining the significance of what we were seeing and answering our questions about Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant was truly priceless. Beyond that, were beautiful European landscapes, cultural history, good food in places where Kafka and Dora might very well have eaten -- and new friends.”

Glenda Winders, Journalist & Travel Editor, CNS
Eau Claire, WI

“This was my first trip to Europe in my life, and it was indeed magical--the dream trip of a life-time. I didn’t really know anything about Kafka before, but now he has come alive for me, and I am also one of “Kafka’s last loves!”

Vernetta Bergeron
San Diego, CA

“The 2008 Magical Mystery Tour was the experience of a lifetime. Not only was I able to see in person the sites related to author Franz Kafka, my sister and I traveled for the first time to the countries of our family's origin and learned so much. But the best part was the wonderful company supplied by Kathi Diamant and her crew. Imagine going to some of Europe's most fascinating locales, and instead of doing the generic tourist thing, visiting the most fascinating, out-of-the-way places with a small group of similar-minded, freewheeling intellectuals. Not only did we take the unbeaten path, we learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the company of our fellow travelers.”

Leslie Wolf Branscomb
San Diego, CA

“Although my husband and I are generally independent travelers, this is a tour we wouldn't have missed. For years, I followed Kathi Diamant's quest to discover and document Dora's life. Once I found out I could actually be a part of the adventure, I immediately signed up. One of the best things about the tour was the fellow travelers. Since we all had a common interest, it felt like traveling with friends. The hotels, the tours, and the places we visited were fantastic. Prague and Krakow were incredible, but Berlin was a huge surprise. Such a fascinating place –and so different than anything I'd ever imagined. There were exciting, unforgettable moments that we wouldn't have experienced on our own. The entire trip was truly magical.”

LoriAnne Truman
Escondido, CA


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The Kafka Project is the official search for a lost literary treasure: 35 letters and 20 notebooks written by Franz Kafka in the last year of his life, and confiscated from Dora Diamant by the Gestapo in Berlin 1933.